Who We Are

The Junkyard Arts mission is multi-layered.  We aim to bring the world of the arts to the masses through criticism of current art culture, artist interviews, museum and gallery exhibition reviews, and opinion pieces from guest contributors.  Breaking down the alienating and convoluted art-speak, Junkyard Arts speaks to the layman with the end goal of furthering the education, understanding, and appreciation of the arts.

The Junkyard, at its core, is where art and pop-culture collide.

lauren met nyc junkyard artsLauren is the founder and Editor in Chief of Junkyard Arts.  She’s got too many degrees in the arts and years of Art History under her belt.  As a full time writer and a board member of Wanderlust Theatre in Lafayette, LA, she’s got a lot on her plate and not enough in her glass.  She is a frank critic of art and pop culture, enjoys wine and steak without moderation and lives for modern art & bad movies.

brian lepire junkyard

Brian (contributing editor) is Lauren’s right-hand-man covering everything from the latest in literary news to music and performance. He is a magazine writer, poet and all around adventure junkie. He was once on the road to being President of the United States, but Lauren and Jordi rescued him from a life of corruption with the help of the Sex Pistols. Since then, he has been a newspaper reporter, sous-chef, teacher, army-navy surplus store manager and, most recently, extreme urbanrunner.


Jordi (guest writer) is a rogue fashion designer, a former Art school nerd, and pop culture deviant.  A grad of Savannah College of Art and Design, she has been working for over 15 years in the NYC fashion industry.  She will rock you in Jeopardy, drink you under the table and eloquently discuss Mondrian’s path to abstraction.

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