PuppetMaster: Video Take-Over Weekend

WanderlustTheatre November 17, 2012 Comments Off on PuppetMaster: Video Take-Over Weekend
PuppetMaster: Video Take-Over Weekend

This weekend I (Lauren) am taking over PuppetMaster because, well, I feel like it and I found some cool stuff!  It’s a video takeover featuring 3 shorts that I think are just brilliant.  Great use of puppetry and stop motion, innovative techniques & they are just really fun to watch.

I’ve even got a little something special for you at the end that is pretty unrelated to puppets but I wanted to share it anyway.  So I am.

First up! This great little number combining puppets, cartoons and cartoons using puppets!

Next up, cold, greedy, bastards.

And finally, the best goddamn thing you will see this week. PERIOD. WATCH THIS.

And now, a BONUS!

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