PuppetMaster: Neil Patrick Harris Dreams In Puppets

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PuppetMaster: Neil Patrick Harris Dreams In Puppets

Welcome back to PuppetMaster!  This week Elsa from Wanderlust Theatre Co. has got something we can all agree on: Neil Patrick Harris is a treasure.

“So, in case you missed it, Neil Patrick Harris has again thrown down the gauntlet to the web world, and this time, also to puppeteers. Neil’s Puppet Dreams debuted this week on Nerdist channel, and it’s the gift you never knew you needed this holiday season. Innovative and funny.

Harris last rocked the web in the 2008 internet sensation Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. This time, Harris is co-producing, along with his husband, David Burtka, and the Jim Henson Co. to create this seven episode web series that will explore a wide variety of musical and film styles. Harris explains the premise, “”Hi, I’m Neil and I sleep a lot. When I dream, I dream in puppet.”

All seven episodes were filmed in a little over two days at Harris and Burtka’s house as well as at the Henson studios. The puppets featured are those from the Stuffed & Unstrung show, a live, adults-only Muppet style variety show directed by Brian Henson. Check out this week’s nugget of goodness entitled “The Lullaby,” as Harris is sung to sleep(?) by a collection of his children’s stuffed animals. It’s…unexpected.”

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