PuppetMaster: Beauty Is Embarrassing

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PuppetMaster: Beauty Is Embarrassing

I am very fortunate to have friends with really awesome taste. Without them, I would have totally forgotten about this documentary: Beauty Is Embarrassing.  The doc follows the deliciously eccentric Wayne White and his career path from struggling cartoonist, to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse set designer and puppetmaster, to artist, to…all sorts of awesome things that you love and had no idea he did.

This documentary is truly a revelation. Certainly it’s the most fun documentary I’ve seen probably ever. In addition to that it tells the tale of a visionary who delightfully takes the fine out of Fine Art and leaves us with everything we never knew we wanted. It’s a story about finding your passions and running with them, despite what others think about it. It’s a story about finding your ‘people’ and banding together to create amazing things in each other’s lives. Wayne White’s story is the promise that even bat-shit crazy creatives with potty mouths and make puppets in their basements can have a career. If not a career, at least have some interesting hobbies and really fun friends.

Art comes in many, many, forms and can be expressed in whatever way we see fit. Beauty Is Embarrassing is the prescription for every kid who has been told that art isn’t a viable option in life. Art is life and Wayne says as much in the film, and lives it every day. This movie is life affirming and that is not an exaggeration.

Beauty Is Embarrassing / Wayne White / Available on Netflix Streaming NOW

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