PuppetMaster: Animal Cracker Conspiracy

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PuppetMaster: Animal Cracker Conspiracy

It’s the weekend! And that means a little education in puppets from our friends at Wanderlust Theatre! Let’s get started: Let’s get weird. Says Elsa,

“This week we meet Animal Cracker Conspiracy Puppet Co., who are taking their production of The Collector back on the road, first stopping in Phoenix in early November, then New Orleans Fringe later in the month, and heading home to southern California in early spring.

Animal Cracker Conspiracy is comprised of Bridget Rountree and Iain Gunn, who specialize in object theatre performance and production. In addition to producing shows, they build commission props, puppets, costumes, backdrops… A.C.C. also hosts a frequently held adult puppet cabaret, which is part of the Puppet Slam Network.

Funded in part by the Jim Henson Foundation, The Collector is a piece that pushes the boundaries of what object theatre can be. A dystopian, Victorian setting tells the story of a debt collector and his journey while collecting other people’s property. It features toy theatre, table-top puppets, and stop motion animation” – Check it:

And here’s a little more:

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