Work Of Art: Takin’ It To The Skreets

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work of art season 2Welcome back to Work of Art!  I’m so sorry I was away last week, I was watching hunky dudes run around stage in spandex, sorry.

But this week, it looks like we’ve got a pretty sweet challenge on our hands: Street Art.  I love the bastardization of the genre in this challenge!  Don’t do the art out of a need to communicate a message to society, or about society by way of public spaces, or move the art outside to buildings out of necessity – do it because it just looks cool!

Eh.  Who am I kidding. I totally love art that has no message and just looks cool.  I’m just a total judge-y mcjudgerson today.  Everyday.

Let’s do this!

Early on, Lola talks about how being ‘brash’ is a great way to go through life, and how her mom taught her how to cut in line and demand things from people.  She feels that this is appropriate behavior for an adult.  I am not surprised that she completely misconstrues what most people would consider a ‘go-getter’ with being ‘a fucking brash asshole’.  Surprises me Not. One. Bit.

There are also a LOT of penii getting drawn around.  Which is fine.  Penii is nice and all (aside from the face that male genitalia kind looks like you could take it and attach it to any other flat surface than the male human body.

Like a tree.

Seriously.  Just imagine it.  Imagine popping that thing off a human, and just…sticking it onto a tree.

Anyway, Sucklord and Sarah are doing a take on a rat maze, and ‘Lord is speaking as Count Von Count.

Kymia is crying because the mean girls won’t ‘let’ her use a scanner.  She and Sara are doing a mural on the ‘uprooting’ of families through gentrification and colonialism…or as Sarah says “the Man”.  Mean Girls are making lots of tiger penii because the city is an ‘animal’.  Dusty and Young are doing a work that exemplifies life and death as it has related to them…which is kind of…nice!


“Sarah’s gonna be pregnant at the end of this”

“It’s going to be very perverse”

“There’s plenty of suck to go around”

“I was thinking of writing passed out nanny” “passed out nanny would be ammaaaaazzzinggg”




Kymia & Sara: Uproot – so, aside from the issue of what looks like an alien creature being in the center, I think it is an interesting idea and execution.  It works best from far away probably because of the scale, but I thought the simple colors, line and general rawness of the image was pretty powerful.  I think it told the story they needed it to and intended it to.

kymia sara work of art season 2 uproot mural

Dusty & Young: It Changes You – Illustrating a conversation on loss and life and being a father, they managed to make something sweet, kinda sad and something that I think many viewers would easily relate to.  They also make it interactive where people could add their own messages. A bit Lifetime Movie for my own tastes, but hey, the judges loved them! They won! And they won $15k each!

dusty young wall father work of art season 2

Sucklord & Sarah: Maze – The maze wasn’t all that interesting.  Which sucks on more than one level…Sucklord was booted from the competition.  Bummer.  I wish he had come out of his shell a bit more because I really enjoyed him on the show quite a bit.  And of all challenges not to really go for it…it’s a shame, really.  Though I expect since I’d already heard of him prior to the show, I will get to see him yet again.  Til then, Sucklord.

sucklord maze mural graffiti work of art season 2

Lola & Michelle: Tiger Penii – It’s just so obvious, right?  Girls drawing lots of dick because they think it’s edgy.  Aside from that, I didn’t hate their piece at all. The dick was totally unnecessary – otherwise it could have been a lot of fun – it was just poorly executed.  I like the idea of imagining what is behind the walls of your neighbors is a pretty common theme in artwork – photographers have been doing ‘thru the window’ or ‘thru the keyhole’ style photos for ages.  But there is always a way to make something new again, and they just didn’t do it.  

lola michelle work of art season 2 graffiti

It felt a bit too Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzi Woodle Woo for me…and I fucking love that movie.  So really, how dare they.

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