Work of Art: Pop Goes th..OohSomeoneTookTheirClothesOff!

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work of art season 2Someone’s a big fan of Warhol, hormones are raging and a complete lack of vision and historical reference make me want to freak the eff out on this episode of Work of Art!

Ooh yeah. And BOOBS.

Let’s go!

Holyshitguys, they are doing Pop Art this week!  And naturally the ONLY artist they mention in this Pop challenge is Warhol.  And the only artist anyone decides to pull inspiration or reference from was Warhol.  And not a single person has mentioned the likes of Lichtenstein, Prince, Rauschenberg, Johns, Hockney…you know.  All those big fucking POP names that you find in the MoMA?  Those people? Remember them?  No? Just the soup can?  Ok then.

Why are these people ignoring the contemporary movement (Neo-Pop, I suppose) by not even fucking mentioning one of the biggest contemporary artists of our time Ron English (who ended up being at the art show, and I can only imagine he wept for the movement)?  It’s infuriating!  I mean, we are talking about updating the Pop movement here, and they don’t even mention the biggest players of the past decade who are doing exactly that.

But then again, we all know what we are waiting for: BOOBS.  And naturally, we got them this episode!  Because what would a woman artist be worth if not for her bare tits on film, right?  One of the Sarah’s (I think) showed hers, Sucklord wanted to see more of them and also mentioned in passing that he’s had a lot of weird sex adventures.  I imagine being 42 and looking like you are twelve will allow for that!

And let’s not forget the “I wish people would pay attention to me”-tattoo on Jazzzzz-Mingh or however she spells it.  Her super original ink is the words “bite me” in her bottom lip.  Which is so super original I wish I was clever enough to think of that.


“I don’t think it’s…as…poppy? as the other pieces?”

“I feel like it doesn’t sy anything”

“it’s selling…selling”

“good girl, bad girl. So what?”


Dusty: I think he had the best piece of the night with this trash can that says “How Could You?”.

dusty trash can how could you pop art work of art season 2 bravo tv

The minimalist piece was meant to represent the blissfully ignorant collective consciousness in a throwaway culture.  You can throw a fucking baby in that trash can and miss the message of “How Could You?”…it’s brilliant!  THE MINIMALISM IS THE GODDAMN POINT.  And to decry it as Not-Pop because it isn’t fucking day-glo is almost as absurd as the idea of Pop art owns neon colors.  Or that Pop only counts when you reference Andy Warhol.  Dusty’s piece was the most introspective, clever and relevant piece since the show’s inception and the judges fucked up royally in this case.  Dusty wins the world in my book.  Good job.

Kymia (Kim-yeah? KYM-Yuh?):  Ooh.  She was the one who showed her tits.  And it was boring.  And yet, the judges liked it!

boobs ad kymia work of art season 2 bravo tv

They thought she made some special piece that communicated anti-advertisement.  It’s insane.  Her piece was a shot of her tits holding a bottle with trash in it. ‘Sex Sells’ can be Pop…but English did it better…

cowgirl_mcdonaldsbecause he doesn’t rest on photographing his breasts to get a piece of art done.  He actually skillfully crafts a thoughtful work of art to get his message across.  Imagine that.

Young: Made a fucking illustrator graphic of a Prop8 logo and make a faux billboard that people could write messages on.

prop8 young work of art season 2 bravo tv

It’s not art.  It’s graphic design. And he fucking won.

Sucklord: This is his thang, so naturally he did well.  And I’m all for someone finding both inanity and fascination with Charlie Sheen’s meltdown.  Tigerblood in a pump, anyone?

sucklord charlie sheen pop art work of art season 2 bravo tv

Someone: Did this piece of shit.

diet coke can pop art work of art season 2 bravo tvand she didn’t even know that what she did was a motif. She just said that she thought it looked cool because Warhol did it.  Which maybe the banality of her fucking artistic ability is a piece of pop performance art in itself.

I’m just totally baffled by the judges this week.  I mean, I expect a lot-a-bit of ridonkulousness when I watch this show.  I expect tits on film, hipster glasses and shitty hair.  I expect lots of bad art.  But watching Dusty get ripped apart for a piece that was genuinely thought provoking is too much for me to bear! TOO MUCH!

I’m totally going to boycot this show until 7 days from now when I inevitably tune in again to publicly bitch to all of you.

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