Work of Art: Car Part Art

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Work of Art: Car Part Art

work of art season 2

So I think I missed another week of Work of Art!  Probably because after Sucklord got kicked off, all that we are left with is a bunch of people I can’t stand, and Dusty.

This week they are doing art with car parts – just like in Project Runway!

Tonight I’m bullet-pointing.  I don’t feel well, these artists aren’t inspiring me and I want to go to bed and finish the book I’m reading that isn’t very good but I just need to get through it so I can move on.


* Not gonna lie – I liked Michelle’s ‘human made of car parts’ mobile.  I thought it was whimsical!  Instead she made a ‘happy car, sad car’ that was so boring and cliche I just couldn’t.  She’s the paper wizard!  Why isn’t she working with what she’s got!?

* Dusty put plaster on his face without a barrier.  He’s lucky he didn’t lose his eyebrows.  He also made a work with a tire that spelled out the monotony of the every day.

* Lola continues to be boring and talks about how her grammy was a witch.

* Young made a person-ish out of wires and stuff.  It’s pretty uninspired.

* Sarah J made some sort of sculpture with a muffler that looks like a flower explosion.  I don’t know why it exists, but it looks good, so it’s ok.

* Sarak K made a cool Rorschach type art object.  Her story behind it has something to do with her dad…I zoned out so I don’t know why that’s important.  I think it stands on it’s own as something visually, uh, interesting.  I won’t say compelling, because it isn’t.  It’s barely interesting, but it’s better than most of the work up there.

* Kymia got her ass chewed out because she made a box with flecks of metal cast in wax and it broke.  Which stinks, because I’d rather have her judged on the functional work but I mean, if you don’t know how to make a kaleidoscope, then don’t make a kaleidoscope, right?


* Lame: Michelle is out.

* Not Lame: Sarah J wins.  And she wins $25,000 which is also awesome.  Sadly, she thinks that will pay for her grad school…ah the naiveté of youth!

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