PSY: Not Your Mama’s Circus

junkyardarts July 13, 2011 Comments Off on PSY: Not Your Mama’s Circus

PSY at the cutler majestic boston

When you walk into the theatre you are confronted with a morphing Rorschach test and the chairs of a psychologist’s office. There is a voiceover spouting factoids about the human brain and transitions perfectly to, very cleverly, introduce the characters.

From then on out it is stimuli overload with human strobe lights tossing, lifting, diving and climbing each other while juggling, vaulting, and flying through the air as a bizarre mix of DJ Shadow and Yann Tiersen pound over the speakers.

Basically, it’s everything you could want in a theatre performance, plus strippers, knife throwing, sexual innuendo and everyone takes their clothes off.

For my full review of PSY at the Cutler Majestic in Boston, hit up my article at DigBoston.

Cutler Majestic Theatre
219 Tremont Street, Boston. (617) 824-8000.
PSY [$25+]
7.12-7.24 [Tue-Thur 7:30pm; Fri 8pm, Sat 5pm, 9pm; Sun 3pm & 7pm]

And now, the fun stuff:

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