Feed My Frankenstein: A Day at the Horror Fest

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Creature Pumpkin Head from Rock and Shock Horror ConventionIt was an epic day at the Rock and Shock Horror Convention on October 16th.  It kicked off the night before with an epic run of horror movies at Chez Junkyard, then a day of meeting horror celebs, people watching and capped off with Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie.

I told you it was epic.  Film, pics and movie previews at the jump.

You may be asking yourself “what does a horror movie have to do with art?”.  Well, that’s fair.  And honestly, I’m only recently into horror.  I’m pretty much afraid of everything – weird creaking in the house, wind, people popping out from the dark…bugs…noises…smells…just about everything.  While Jordi has been trying to get me to watch them for years, it’s a recent development that I can watch them without the lights on…and at night.  Since my initiation with gore-infested films like Dead Alive, and classics like The Thing, I have moved on to try to cram in as many horror films every October and make up for time lost.

And while horror movies might not seem like a bastion of good taste and good art, there definitely is a level of artistry along the lines of makeup and special effects, and sometimes the movie as a whole, that is often shocking: in that it is gross to look at, but amazing that the gore could be so real!  And so my appreciation for horror may be a little late to the game, but I guess there is no time like the present, right?

Guy in Gwar CostumeThere were some…characters at the convention.  Like this guy and his friends.  They must have spent a week making these costumes out of foam, tin foil and cardboard.  And they were more than willing to pose for pics as they lurked around the joint.

Is it a little silly?  Eh, yeah.  But whatevs.  It’s a horror convention – isn’t this what I expect to see at one?  In addition to this guy, there were lots of scary clowns.  And lots of dudes with weird goat-eye contacts.  And of course, lots of half naked chicks.

Like, lots.  So many, in fact, that no matter where I looked there was either one standing by me, walking by me, or on a tv screen near me. And while I understand the horror culture of hot ladies getting naked in the movies and then dying, I still think that, I dunno.  It should stay in the movies?  It is October.  One might catch a draft if one walks around in their underwear all day.  Or, HPV.

I was handed a postcard from a guy who was really sure he was ‘blowing minds’ because omg on the card, was like, a naked nun!  With a waxed vag! So avant garde. Hilariously, my friends and I were talking about nun porn just hours before so…maybe the horror gods were just nodding our way?

In addition to the nun porn postcard, he offered me a free movie.  When I asked what it was (considering his other movies were titled “forgive me for raping you” and “jesus zombie”) he asked: Do you know who John Waters’ is?  Do you like, like, satire and stuff?  Are you offended by female nudity? (too late for that question, don’t you think?).  I looked at it and gave it back – satire? Sir.  I don’t think that word means what you think it means.  Offensive/bad taste do not equal satire – you just make terrible movies with chicks pretending not to like getting railed – and you’re not blowing minds, or making ‘art’ like you protested – you are making shitty movies with no plot, crap acting and shock-me tactics that are tired and worn out.

In short – exactly the type of horror movies I avoid and don’t deserve to be in the same room as classics like Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Let the Right One In and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

So what are some good horror movies to see in the days leading up to Halloween?  Ones with a great story? Crazy special effects? Spooktacular or hilarious and fun while drinking pumpkin beer and eating too much candy?  Here are the ones I saw in the past few days:


While one of the main characters is a bit of a douche who bitches about feminists – despite the lack of any women arguing for equal rights…- this is a lot of fun. Zombie chicks. Lots of gore. And no super-machines to save the day (thank god).


SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD!! An intelligent zombie movie that leaves much to the imagination as nearly 100% of the movie happens in this tiny radio booth. Suspenseful, smart and genuinely creative – see this ASAP

Trick R Treat

Ok, while it isn’t as good as the preview seems to say it is, it is a lot of fun. Lots of recognizable faces and vignettes that come together in surprising forms make this a definite ‘fun’ Halloween movie with friends.

The Forth Kind

This movie scared the shit out of me. Mostly because it billed itself as ‘true’, with real footage and dramatizations. Of course – it isn’t true. But the performances are so powerful in some of the scenes that you believe it is. And that makes it fucking scary.

and finally: Poltergeist

A classic. Still one of the best Halloween movies out there.

What else did we do at the Horror Convention?

We met Freaked and The Lost Boys star Alex Winter!

actor Alex Winter

And Adrienne Barbeau!

actor Adrienne Barbeau

and Pumpkin Head:

Junkyard Arts at Horror Convention with Pumpkin Head

and there was art! (I use the term loosely):

KISS Care Bears at the Horror Convetion

And we saw Alice Cooper!!

Alice Cooper in concert 2010

And hot damn, if he doesn’t put on a show.  I’m talking blood and guts, zombie nurse and he killed himself 4 times on stage!  He had a guillotine:

alice cooper stage show

He hung himself (while wearing a nurse’s outfit):

Alice Cooper stage show 2010

and there was even a sexy zombie nurse that wore a chastity belt that she tried to saw off in pure, 80’s rock show style:

Alice Cooper stage show

and then we saw Rob Zombie (no zombie strippers…I was kinda bummed…and then I saw the pyrotechnics!!:

Rob Zombie in concert

And to top it off?  Backstage pass:

Junkyard Arts at Rock and ShockJunkyard Arts at Rock and Shock 2010

Hell Yeah.

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