FaceOff S4: Evil Dead In Egypt

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FaceOff S4: Evil Dead In Egypt

The episode started with the promise of Egyptian Gods, and somehow ended up being an Evil Dead challenge.

Seems like a missed opportunity to bring back the best Egyptian Sci-Fi movie EVER MADE: Stargate.

Monster Dudes + Kurt Russell’s flat top / the Old Lady’s caftan (of which there are apparently no photographs on the internet) = potential FaceOff excellence.

Missed. Opportunity.

SPOTLIGHT CHALLENGE: Combine Egyptian Gods and Evil Dead for a monster makeup

House: Thoth

house syfy faceoff face off special effects makeup monster mummy evil dead

Lauren: So he painted him gold, which I don’t necessarily have an issue with but it’s hard to see how much he is actually reflecting since different light is making him look so dull/shiny on camera. Other than that, I enjoyed how he did the hieroglyphics on the body. Lots of little details that you can’t really see in this picture.

Judges: Ve thinks he’s chunky


Anthony: Anubis

anthony syfy faceoff face off special effects makeup monster mummy evil dead

Lauren: I’m not sure why there needs to be a dog head and a person head.  I wish it was more animal head/person body. OR he could have made the dog headpiece much larger so at least it has more presence.  The chest sculpt is great, but then there is so much gauze and splotchy paint just hide it.  An unusually spotty performance here, though I can’t say I don’t enjoy it.  Right now it’s picking the worst of the best.

Judges: Flat, splotchy, makeup ruins it, proportions are wrong


Eric F: Ra

eric f syfy faceoff face off special effects makeup monster mummy evil dead

Lauren: Well, this face sculpt is straight outta Evil Dead.  Or it’s Iron Maiden’s Eddie.  Either way, it’s just perfection.  The rest of the sculpt is great (including requisite nipple ring), but I’m going to ignore it because the face is exatamondo.  My only concern is the body.  It’s a little wide for a scrawny mummy.  Other than that, I’m golden here.

Judges: Differing opinions on the color choice, but overall it was a fun piece



kris syfy faceoff face off special effects makeup monster mummy evil dead

Lauren: THIS IS SO GOOD.  I love the texture, I love the skin ripping apart to show the bones underneath, I love the horns.  It is just fantastic, and executed perfectly.  My absolutely favorite tonight.

Judges: Loving how dull and dry it looks, thinks it is camera-ready


Wayne: Crocodile God

wayne syfy faceoff face off egyptian god evil dead monster makeup

Lauren: Considering he has really shitty time-management, this came out really well.  The sculpture is fantastic, and the paint job is where I have a problem, because there isn’t much of a transition between head and body.  Other than that, I’m happy with this.

Judges: Ve said it was ‘bitchin’ so, there you go


Winner: Kris!!!! So well deserved.  Great showing tonight.

Loser: House.  Bummer.  Though I liked both he and Anthony so this was a hard decision anyway.  I think House has been really strong all competition but someone had to go tonight, and unfortunately he was the least best of the best.

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