Face Off: Zombies, the Walking Dead and Nightcrawlers

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Face Off: Zombies, the Walking Dead and Nightcrawlers

syfy face offWe’ve got a zombie hooker in the house, and they blurred out her clay nipples, a blood-splattering quick fire challenge, and Tate continues to go sleeveless and adds a Brett Michaels bandana to his ensemble.

Oh. And a dance number. And I’ve got the video to prove it.

Looks like we are off to a good start!

Here we go again, folks! Tonight we get zombies, which is probably the most timely challenge since zombie as so ‘in’ right now.  To start the contestants have to create a gallon of fake blood.  As anthony notes, every artist has their own recipe for blood and from working in a dozen or so indie picks and having been murdered in most of them, I too know a thing or two about fake blood!  The key here is that when blood comes out of the body it is not flourescent red, and it can’t get translucent.  Blood is also mostly water, so the consistency can’t be too thick but if it is runny it just looks like soup…I’ve had success with various levels of Karo syrup, dyes and a some chocolate syrup, personally.

Megan-the-asshole decided to use real chicken guts and smelled up the joint (Anthony insisted it smelled of New Jersey and I’m not going to argue with him).  If I were on that set and bleeding through my mouth (as I’ve done in more than one film) I would 1. say I’m not putting that in my mouth, and 2. punch her in the face for being so inconsiderate of the performers and the set.

Also, in the editing process it seems as though they are trying to push some sort of romantic storyline between Megan-the-asshole and Conor, and Tom insinuated as much, but I thought M-t-A was gay?  Didn’t she say she hadn’t seen a dick in years in the nude model episode?  Or is she just celibate?  Whatever. I’m thinking too much about this.

To the zombie making!

Conors zombie woman is pretty gorgeous…classic 70’s zombie, kinda dried up and ridgid but perhaps a bit too pretty though she looked like she would smell of dried hay and sour incense.  She had some really lovely texturizing, the color palate was perfect and I thought his model sold the look.  He didn’t win this challenge, but I think this latest work solidifies him as a front runner for the winner of the show, overall.

Anthony’s zombie hooker is a sight to behold.  Her day-glo bra was a little odd, and it’s hard to differentiate between skin and fabric because of all the purple tones.  He noted “hookers are scary enough as it is” and while this is true, I stil would have liked to see a face on his model – instead of a mushy brown, purple and green mess. His chest piece was a bit…fake…and there seemed to be a lot of poor color choices, but overall I’m giving points for style.  Unfortunately a fun concept isn’t enough to save him from that poor sculpting job and he was sent home.

Tate’s greusome guts-exploding, tongue-hanging lady was pretty gross.  I mean, his ‘home invasion’ zombie looked like what your grandma is going to come of the grave to eat your brains looks like.  So, take note.  See this zombie, run in the other direction.  My big problem with this is he has covered his models mouth, and as a performer, this is unacceptable.  How else will I grunt, moan and tear your flesh if I have a prosthesis covering my mouth?!  But the judges didn’t care!  He won!!  Really, I don’t think his was the best but he deserves a win for his ability to continue to look like a normal person on a reality show.

Gage’s WWII zombie is a really great concept.  We’ve got schrapnel, gun wounds, tendons and deterioration executed beautifully.  And I am a sucker for WWII zombies (um, have you seen Dead Snow?!)  His might be my favorite of the night based on skill, concept and overall costuming.  Gage does some consistently good work so I’m happy to see him stay.

Megan’s zombie is a Beverly Hills, plastic surgery zombie was a decent idea.  But her face was so covered in blood you couldn’t see any of the carving she did at all.  This girl’s got a hard enough time proving she can do anything at this point – why cover the work you actually did?!  The concept coud have been great.  Busted stitches, implants dangling by a thread, face peel gone wrong…but…she just doesn’t have the skill level to execute.

Sam’s the fat zombie was a great idea, and gave her some room to play with depth and carving.  Though there wasn’t a whole lot of risk in the piece, it was executed well none the less.  The face work was nice at least but I agree with the judges that I would have liked to see the more flesh on the neck and not just chubby cheeks.

Tom’s business man run over by a car was nice, but the overall concept was a bit…bleh.  The face piece was ok but as Conor noted earlier, the wrinkles are going in the wrong direction.  I did like his tire tracks across the torso, and I thought his paint job was pretty great.  Overall, it was just ok.  The judges thought so too and he was eliminated. Shockingly, he took this well and didn’t shit talk Megan-the-asshole and earned a some respect back from me at least for being a professional about it.

I almost don’t want to even talk about the atrocity that was a zombie dance number.  I get that these characters need to be able to move freely in costume without ruining it.  But why? In the middle of our perfectly reasonable movie makeup reality show we get a silly dance number with b-boy night crawlers doing the crab walk to a shitty song desperately trying to grab at pop cultural references by a poor-man’s Metric auto-tuned piece of audio garbage.  I say boo to this, sir. Boo. to this.

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  1. Remy March 4, 2011 at 6:25 pm -

    Dear Tom, my future ex-husband,

    Your ability to make blood by the gallons that splatters like blood in an Irish bar fight oddly made me love you more. My future husband must know how to make my home look like a crime scene. But beloved, why do you know exactly what a 2×4 to the head looks like? Is your singleness a byproduct of your hobbies?

    I understand that you have a bromance with Tate, but I’m secure enough in our love to have other men in your life. But can you do me a favor and show him that 2×4 and threaten him to put on sleeves? And if you need a blood study, resist the urge to bludgeon Megan. Her head is full of hot air and dancing stuffed Hello Kitty dolls.

    I was also happy that you changed your idea to flex with McKenzie’s dancing zombie idea. Did you help choreograph this? I bet you have moves. I bet you can bump and grind (more grinding please) like no other. But why did you decide to cover most of your beautiful work? The tire tracks were good, but this wasn’t a tire track challenge, it was a zombie challenge. Why didn’t you whack your model with a 2×4?

    Your work was great my lovely but I think it was time to go home. My home.

    I will miss you on my big screen, but I’ll continue to admire your work.


    PS – Don’t think I didn’t notice this “truce” with Connor. This was obviously because Megan was rediscovering her fear of penis and he needed love. Not from my boyfriend! Come home to pappa!

  2. lauren March 4, 2011 at 7:12 pm -

    well that was amazing. also, tate and his refusal to wear sleeves is growing on me. if he continues to wear vests, and conor continues to wear airbrushed wolf t’s, might be in reality tv heaven.