The Gallery Wall: Valentine’s Day of the Dead

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dont drink poison etsy never die artIn this installment of our Gallery Wall, I decided to go with something a bit darker than the usual faire.  You see, Valentine’s Day is upon us and, well, I could give a shit.  Not because I’m lonely – I’m not!, or I’m single and upset about something – I’m not!, or that I’m allergic to chocolate and flowers.

I don’t relegate or reserve lovin’ to friends, family and partners to just one day.  I’m always a lover, baby.

And I’m lazy.

So today, I’m just going with my gut: showering you with fun, salty stuff that would be cool on the walls.  Hey, not everything needs to be so damn serious – like dinner reservations and the right kind of flowers.


the dead of the night etsy elgar boartThe Dead of the Night $5 – ElgarBoart

Gorgeous and ominous murder of crows sitting in a tree – k-i-s-s-i-n-g.  Prints this small look great in larger frames with wide mattes – it draws the viewer in closer and exaggerates drama.

I love the lacy effect the silhouetted tree gives against the sepia sky.  And the murder of crows (I still can’t believe that is the proper name) is beautiful and creeptastic! Oh, and did I mention negative space? I love me some negative space.

4×4″ on Koodak Endura archival paper

print takes over entire paper, but can be printed with a small border (good for framing)

skull necklace by the inklingSkull Necklace – $15 – The Inkling

A delightful portrait of your first true love! Keep it close to your heart in this lovely pendant necklace.

Ah, yes.  Bringing back one of my favorite Etsy peeps, the Inkling.  Can’t help it – I love the girls line work.  And while last time I featured her I bought the print I was showing in the gallery…I have not yet purchased this gem.  So get on it. Before I do.  You’ve been warned.

approx 1×1.5″

handmade necklace featuring original art.  The image is mounted and protected by diamond glaze/

You will receive a chain

day of the dead pull horse illustratedinkDay of the Dead Horse pull toy – $85 – Illustrated Ink

It’s the perfect Valentines Day gift for the special someone in your life!  That special someone who maybe still wears a diaper and also enjoys skeletons and flowers.  Or anyone…because this is awesome.

Truly, it’s a work of art.  The hand painted details, 3D flowers along the base, and whimsical nature of the horse make this a collectors item for sure.

The base measures 9″ long x 5″ wide, and the toy is 9″ tall. This wood piece has been fully sealed in a non-toxic, matte sealant for protection and a lasting vibrancy.

red heart skeleton krew painting etsy

The Hunt – $20 – RedHeart13

Masquerade into the heart of a loved one by pretending to be someone you are not, and bear gifts of dead rabbits!

Ok, maybe that isn’t the best way.  You could just buy them this print – I bet that would win some points!

Love the texture gouache has – a bit heartier than watercolors and has a charcoal-y feel.   The empty eyes behind the mask ad some extra charm!

8.5×11 print

Live area is 3.5″ w x 5.5″ h

Ready to frame. Signed.

This portrait has been scanned from original gouache painting done on Victorian cabinet card.

dont drink poison etsy never die artDon’t Drink Poison – $10 – Never Die Art

Doesn’t love just make you want to blow rainbows and sparkles out of your head?!

Ok, maybe that’s a bit bleak, but this painting sure isn’t!  In fact, it’s super fun. Rainbows, lipstick and splattered brains – what’s not to love?

10×14″ print of original artwork

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