Gallery Wall: Summah’ Time

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sweet nothing summertime bomobob etsy It’s summertime on the East Coast and many of us are spending most of our time outside, in the sun, getting burned and crying ourselves to sleep covered in aloe vera. Meanwhile, starving artists are begging us to stay in the a/c and buy some of their shit online.

We hear your cries, creatives! Herein is our summah’ time Gallery Wall to entice you to stay in, buy more and sweat less.

Let’s start this off with a little mood music, shall we?

ALOHA Hawaiian style Pillow Cover in neon pink and light gray 18x18Aloha Pillow – $32 – Pillowation

From the Ukraine we have this sweet designer of the things we love to snuggle with: pillows.

This one is the perfect dayglow addition to your pad – I mean, who doesn’t need need neon in their life?  No one. That’s who.

Buy it HERE



Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender Vegan Handmade Soap made with real Coconut milk
Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender Vegan Homemade Soap – $4.95 – DeShawnMarie

Ok, so it isn’t art, but it IS a summer necessity.  There is seriously nothing more awesome that the tingly, scrubby super-clean feeling that tea tree and rosemary soap leaves you after a romp on the beach (naughty or nice!)

Buy it HERE

Raw Rock Crystal Quartz Ice Cube Nugget Pendant Necklace In Sterling Silver

Ice Cube Nugget Necklace – $49 – Prisha Jewels

Nothing says ‘cool’ like walking around with a giant ice cube around your neck.  Well, in this case, quartz, but you get the idea.

Makes you want to toss that in the freezer before putting it on for a night out…in fact…that’s a great idea!

Buy it HERE

Mermaid bottle openerMermaid Bottle Opener – $14 – riricreations

Why yes, I would like a mermaid’s assistance in cracking open my booze!  How convenient!

You just know how I love me some kitch. Get on it!

Buy it HERE


Garden Boutique Collection 6- Summer 2011 - Vintage Collage Bracelet
Vintage Collage Bracelet – $62 – Lonkoosh

Hyper-feminine, lush and full of summertime energy, this cuff is absolutely beautiful.

Wear it for all those summertime wedding your friends are having, and show it off to all the single guys at the open bar.

Buy it HERE


sweet nothing summertime bomobob etsy

Sweet Nothings Beach Photo – $30 – Bomobob

Nostalgic photos always make me all warm and fuzzy for days that, well, I probably never actually saw. I’m not that old.  But nevertheless they make us feel like we;ve seen this place in a dream and we’d like to go back.  Get this print and put it directly on your office wall – we all need something to help us get through the day.

Buy it HERE

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