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Work of Art: Car Part Art

Work of Art: Car Part Art

junkyardarts December 1, 2011 0

So I think I missed another week of Work of Art!  Probably because after Sucklord got kicked off, all that we are left with is a bunch of people I can’t stand, and Dusty.

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Work Of Art: Takin’ It To The Skreets

junkyardarts November 17, 2011 1

Welcome back to Work of Art!  I’m so sorry I was away last week, I was watching hunky dudes run around stage in spandex, sorry. But this week, it looks like we’ve got a

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Work of Art: Kid Art & Spelling Lessons

junkyardarts November 3, 2011 1

I hate kid art. Ok that’s strong. But generally speaking…I dislike it. Someone doesn’t know how to spell. Someone gets choked up. Let’s do this

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Work of Art: Pop Goes th..OohSomeoneTookTheirClothesOff!

junkyardarts October 27, 2011 1

Someone’s a big fan of Warhol, hormones are raging and a complete lack of vision and historical reference make me want to freak the eff out on this episode of Work of Art! Ooh

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Work Of Art: Shit Talking and Street Dancing

junkyardarts October 19, 2011 2

Week 2 of Work of Art and already we have a contestant talking about making a work of literal shit.  Funny.  We generally see that unintentionally on this show! Easy joke, I know. We

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Work of Art: It’s Back and It’s Bad!

junkyardarts October 12, 2011 2

  It’s BBAAAAAAACCKKK!!! So many ridiculous names, some actual talent and bad art! Nothing more to say than that – so let’s meet the crazies!

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Work of Art: Season Two, Electric Boogaloo

junkyardarts August 29, 2011 0

The best worst show about art is back for round two, and I can barely contain my disdainful delight! From the looks of the preview we’ve got some serious people, a chick that shows

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Work of Art: It’s All Over

junkyardarts August 12, 2010 0

“It’s all people vomiting” So here we are at the end of our beloved Work of Art.  Our finalist artists are working hard at their last projects and in true ‘Not Project Runway’ style,

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Work of Art – Nature, Nonsense & the Never Ending Story

junkyardarts August 5, 2010 0

Is saying that Tits McGee looks like a deer in headlights too obvious since their challenge is to make work from nature? Cuz Im doin’ it. You’d think that as an artist, even from

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Work of Art: A Public Service Announcement

junkyardarts July 29, 2010 0

“I haven’t felt good about a piece of work I’ve done since [the beginning]” – Abdi That about sums it up this episode of Work of Art. This episode the artists must do work

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