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Work of Art: Pop Goes th..OohSomeoneTookTheirClothesOff!

junkyardarts October 27, 2011 1

Someone’s a big fan of Warhol, hormones are raging and a complete lack of vision and historical reference make me want to freak the eff out on this episode of Work of Art! Ooh

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Liu Bolin Paints Himself Into NYC Mural, Blows Minds

junkyardarts July 7, 2011 0

I’ve written about Liu Bolin before and how his ability to blend into the most bizarre landscapes is nothing short of ridonkulous.  How many of us, 1. have the patience to stand in one

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Chris Brown’s New Tattoo a Ron English, Ironic

junkyardarts June 3, 2011 4

Noted girlfriend abusing, bubblegum schilling, chair throwing, moderately talented young man Chris Brown got himself another tattoo, and omg guyz it is so deep and artistic.  In fact, it is a smiley face with a

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Skin Art: When Your Love for Celebrity Can’t Get Any Deeper

junkyardarts May 13, 2011 2

Sometime you just love someone so much you need to express it by permanently imbedding their face into your flesh.  It’s time for ‘eye spy’ – celebrity skin edition courtesy of one of my fav sites,

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Skin Art: Your Body as Canvas CALL for ART!

junkyardarts February 24, 2011 0

This is a pretty amazing tattoo recreation of James Jean’s Crayon Eater by artist Shawn Barber. I think it is safe to say that tattoos are very personal…sure there are those who get hammered

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