Eerie: Hear the Song That Played As The Titanic Sank

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Eerie: Hear the Song That Played As The Titanic Sank

When Titanic passenger Edith Russell was notified that the ship she was sleeping on was sinking, she did what anyone would have done: locked all her belongings in a suitcase and decided just to stay with the ship.

“In a televised interview, about 1970, she described how, when was asked to evacuate, she locked all 19 of her trunks before heading for the lifeboats. ‘I never would have left the ship,’ she recalled, ‘but a sailor came along and he said “say you; you don’t want to be saved, well I’ll save your baby” and he grabbed this pig from under my arm and he tossed it in the lifeboat … when they threw that pig, I knew it was my mother calling me.’ (British Pathé 347801)”

And thus, Edith joined the others on a life boat and played the song on the musical pig to ease tensions and soothe the children.  Thanks to the wonder of technology, scientists were able to x-ray the toy (made of wood and paper mache – making it a feat that it even survived this long) and determine the song it would play.  They are hoping the revelation of the song and the markings on the interior gears will help identify the original maker of the toy.

Also: why the fuck would a dude steal a 30yr old woman’s toy pig and put that onto a lifeboat and not throw her onto a life boat?! For fucks sake….

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  1. Sheila September 3, 2013 at 10:02 pm -

    Maybe dude guy thought it WAS a baby… and tossed it?