Work of Art – Nature, Nonsense & the Never Ending Story

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Is saying that Tits McGee looks like a deer in headlights too obvious since their challenge is to make work from nature?

Cuz Im doin’ it.

You’d think that as an artist, even from New York City, you would be able to conjure up inspiration from nature…you know…the world around us.  The world that life itself begins in.  Oxygen. Water. Sunlight!  But no, you see, if it’s chilly out, and raining, how will Tits take provocative pictures of herself naked in the woods? (she made this argument…not me).  Instead, she took a rock, glued it to a gold band and suspended it in the air…”a faded illusion”, “a memory”…or something…

Anyhoo, the kids are at it again and being that this is the last official challenge they are really trying to push the envelope.  For example, Myles is really pouring on his tortured artist/inexperienced art school kid schtick reeeeeaaaallll thick by saying he is going to use mustard gas in his piece.  Cuz it’s like, totes edgy! You couldn’t possibly understand my method, unartistic plebs!

Then he decides not to, only because it would be inconsiderate to the other artists to, you know, gas them.  Or the show producers slapped him across the face while saying “absolutely not, you idiot”.

Abde is doing a massive charcoal drawing of himself, mixing ground gravel with his charcoal dust and in effect, painting it on the board. Since I am a sucker for charcoal, Im starting to  love his piece.  So help me, I said it outloud.  But the details and the depth are really striking, and I swoon for charcoal dust on white.  Ever seen the Pacific intro on HBO?  yeah. well. Charcoal clip #4 nearly gives me an orgasm so…we will leave it at that.

* if Myles says “systematically” one more time in this episode, Ill systematically find him and shoot him.

His work is dripping bleach onto cardboard to mimic a fungal bloom he picked off a tree.  It doesn’t mimic the bloom at all, so far, so we will see how this goes.  He does say “I am young and I try to make up for my youth sometimes overcompensate too much”…not particularly eloquent, but the self awareness is refreshing.  Perhaps this is his first step in leaving the pretentious bullshit to the side and actually getting down and doing some good work…though I doubt it.

Peregrine is making a weird, teen-nymph-in-the-woods sculpture because it “is about how when you bring teens into nature they can be like, annoying….” – ladies and gents, if this is as deep as your work gets, go home and get a desk job. OR! change the meaning all together so that the crap work you made then makes sense to the viewer!  After Myles says “people have sex in the woods”, she decides it will be about that. And puts little people, having sex, in her teen-nympth-tree thing.  It doesn’t work.  At all.  It’s sloppy.  Unhinged.  Not cohesive.  Boring.

Nicole is kind of a sleeper artist in Work of Art.  Not that I really like her work, but this piece was at least interesting and made me think about it.  Essentially it was a mound…with a glowing orb inside.  It sounds boring, and it kinda was, but I’m giving her bonus points for going outside the comfort zone and taking a risk.  I think that kid’s got a chance, she’s just a bit green.  Time, experience and life in general will benefit her greatly.  At least this was better than her ripoff piece last week.

In the end, the artists really showed their true colors.  Abdi actually made something beautiful and intriguing (after so many crappy works, I started to wonder if he had lost it), and in turn he won the challenge (yay!) and will be going to the Work of Art finale.  Myles made an overworked piece of garbage that had little focus and showed his youth, though he has made it to the finals as well.  Tits demonstrated she lacks courage and depth and her work of art didn’t work for them.  Me neither judges!


Peregrine’s teen-nympth-tree sculpture actually got her into the finals!! boo to that. It was terrible.  And because Peregrine is in, that means Nicole, ye of so much potential, is out.  Her nature-mound-with-glowing-orb didn’t work for them.

AW SHIT, David LaChappelle is the guest judge on the finale!! Now I have a real reason to watch!! Sorry guys, but this shit is getting old, but then again, I kind of love hatin’ on bad art and eating my words when they do something delightful.  Not to mention it’s good to get my angst out now.  I always seem to wake up on Thursday morning calm and refreshed.  Wonder why?

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