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“It’s all people vomiting”

So here we are at the end of our beloved Work of Art.  Our finalist artists are working hard at their last projects and in true ‘Not Project Runway’ style, Simon is visiting the artists in their homes to see their progress.  But really?  Im just here to see David LaChapelle – let’s get to it!

At first glance, I want to know where the hell these artists are working.  Each of them apparently has a massive workspace in their homes complete with computers and other materials like easels, silk screens, tons of wall space and lighting.  I used to work in my tiny office because, you know, I don’t have extra room in my apartment.  Lucky bastards.

First we see Peregrine and her husband at their home.  Her work is bizarre and Im not entirely sure what she will be doing, but I know it involves beeswax heads, embalmed fawn fetii and drawing of people barfing.  We shall see how that goes.

Abdi lives with his mom.  Has a massive work space.  And he is playing on the idea of his previous charcoal drawing for his final piece.  Ok.

Myles – said his first piece was made when he was young…and it was influenced by Tellatubbies.  Oh boy. Perhaps this is why his foolish, ignorant antics seem so immature!  The kid’s a, well, he’s still a kid!  His final piece?  Something having to do with White Castle and a dead guy. Ok.

**Twist!** ok, not really.  BUT Simon announces that a work from the winner of the competition will be auctioned off at Simon’s auction house.  Which is a great honor, but will anyone buy the work from an unknown, with little history and created for a schtick show?  What is a work of art really worth, anyway?

As the show progresses the artists are in the Brooklyn Museum and are setting up their installations.  Seeing the artists manipulate their raw works and get them on the walls is a really interesting sight however, and I think most people do not quite realize how much of the art experience is based on the proper presentation of the works.

Abdi accidentally breaks half of his sculptures.  Myles’ work looks like bad computer art.  Peregrine has a cotton candy machine, doll heads, melting picture frames and a giant white pony sculpture – has she been holding out all this time, because I’m totally in love with her installation!

Also, David LaChapelle! David LaChapelle! OMG! David LaChapelle!

What do the viewers and the ‘pros’ have to say?

Abdi’s work: “Religious. Iconic”, “It…makes you wanna cry…>David LaChapelle starts to cry<“, “This work doesn’t move me as much as the bag of people…”, “I walked in, and I was like, is this Haiti? NO! They are dancers stretching?! The narrative keeps changing!”, “it’s not just a body in a bag, it’s so much more than that, man”.

Peregrine’s work: “Do you think it’s candy? >sniff< no. I think its….waaaxxxx“, “WOW!”, “I think…they are all vomiting”, “it’s a pony show” <– $10 the judges have no idea what that really means. “I love the little boys head”, “the girls vomiting really dragged it down” <– not in my opinion!

Myles’ work: “It’s beautiful! A black hole! See it? A black hole!”, “Do you see the face of Jesus?”, “well, it looks like art…but what is it saying?”, “Maybe we caught you in a work of progress…I want to see where this will go” <– I don’t

So, Who won this shibang??

Not Myles, who walked away like he shit his pants on camera.

And not Peregrine…even though she a totally rad installation.

So congrats Abdi!  You know, we had seen his illustrative works before and I was blown away, and his self portrait in charcoal was fantastic.  While Im not totally enchanted by his last installation, Im happy that someone who didn’t act like an asshat all season actually won.  Good on ya, Abdi – and good luck in your career.  Ill be here to make sure you keep it real. :)

As for this show, it has been a truly love/hate relationship.  I really love to hate it, and I hate when it surprises me because, well, I think I know everything.  Am I hoping there will be another season? Sure. What else am I doing on a Wednesday night?

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