Work of Art: Designing a Cover for a Book They’ve Never Read

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Well, tonight’s episode was filled with so much WTF that I am not sure I am make a cohesive story out of this…so let’s go with bullet points, shall we?

Here’s the jist – artists must make book covers – completely ignoring the reality that it is designers of the graphic nature that create book covers and bring on artists when they want to add original art to their design – let’s got from there.

* Artists admit most of them haven’t read the books they are assigned to create a cover for.  Apparently many have made it through the 7th grade without reading Jane Austen or Bram Stoker.

* Only one artist creates a preliminary sketch for the book cover.  most just…go for it…and with disastrous consequences.

* I think China Chow got extensions – and what is up with her voice?!

* Adbi is making another sculpture – Im ok with it since his last one came out pretty well.

* Adbi abandons his sculpture and instead sprays himself in the  face with spray paint.

* Judith…does finger painting. nuff said.

* Simon de Pury tells a joke about a dog and Dr. Zhivago – Tits McGee doesn’t get it.

* China Chow slaughtered a swan and it wearing it around her neck. Not gonna lie. Im kinda digging it.

* Adventures in Wonderland (Nicole) book cover rocks – judges dont get it.sigh.

* Erik’s Frankenstein cover is intriguing –>

* the FONTS these people use are killing me – probably why they usually use GRAPHIC DESIGNERS who know TYPOGRAPHY

* The Time Machine (Peregrine) cover looked great…for another book since it had nothing to do at all with The Time Machine.  If instead of Morlocks they had crabs, flowers and puppies, then it would totally work.  But alas.

* Dracula (Mark) was the most graphic, simple design…and so it WORKS

* Pride and Prejudice (Judith) wrote the title of the book backwards…fuck knows why…and even worse, the judges didnt GET THAT IT WAS WRITTEN BACKWARDS.  ugh. These people kill me.  These are the type of people who couldn’t complete their ‘Find the Hidden Objects’ in their Highlights magazine at the dentist office.

* Tits McGee misspelled Jane Austen’s name.  She also claims the Pride and Prejudice is about ‘moral ambiguity’.  And she painted a topless picture of herself…and a tree…and a hat.  This woman is a peach.

* Judges are shocked that the artists didn’t get the challenge of making a book cover.  Shocked that these artists always featured their art more than the actual title of the book.  Shocked that these artists don’t know what the books are about.  I’m shocked I’m still watching.

* John’s Time Machine book cover wins – because it was simple, graphic in nature and colorful.  good on you, John.

* Judith’s work didn’t work for the judges – she and her terrible, terrible book cover idea were booted off the show.

* Next Week: It was only a matter of time before we were introduced again to Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ on this show.  Judging by the preview, it seems as though many artists didn’t even know what that is.  Now, if you are a normal person who is not really up on their art history I would really just assume you didn’t know what Piss Christ was – and that is 100% ok.  These people have no excuse whatsoever.

Better than that – their challenge is to create their own ‘Shocking Work of Art’.

Here’s looking to another episode where the artists and the judges are shockingly/discouragingly/pathetically/dishearteningly/infuriatingly unaware of art history, cultural stigmas, oppression, censorship and artistic motivations in history!

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