Work of Art: A Match Made in Urban Outfitters Heaven

junkyardarts July 8, 2010 Comments Off on Work of Art: A Match Made in Urban Outfitters Heaven

Here we are again with Work of Art, and this time Im finding myself laughing more with the people than at them…but only a little.

First off, Yes, you are right – I did not yet write about the Shocking Art episode and that is because I wanted to thoroughly write on it since I think the idea of ‘shocking art’ is important for non-art-school-kids to understand.  Therefore, this is coming shortly – hang in there!
Tonight in mundane art projects, the Work of Art people had to create a piece that relays their feelings on a car ride they took in an Audi through New York.  First of all…is this something that needs to be done?  As if there aren’t enough photos of beaming Times Square lights and taxi cabs at midnight at IKEA for us to toss on the wall?  But it looks like some of the work is less neon light and more whatthehell?

First, I will say I am liking some of these character more and more.  Miles obnoxious art-school kid crap is being called out by the other people.  Ryan was called out as smelling kinda boozy but being a really cool guy – and as I am running on 3 days of constant boozing, Im not one to judge.  Keep on keepin’ on Ryan.  Nicole is coming into her own a bit, and I think shes got a lot of talent and she doesn’t seem like a dumbbell…but she has the hots of Miles so her taste level concerns me: their make believe love affair was described as a match made in Urban Outfitters heaven – poetic, really.  Jaclyn (Tits McGee), like every girl in high school that showed her boobs at the drop of a hat, has no confidence in her work and continues to ask other artists for their help while bitching about their work behind their back.  She continues to be on notice.  Erik’s work so far looks terrible, but he called Miles’ work ‘garbage’ and I laugh with him.  He also quoted Bob Ross which means I’m officially a fan of him…his work is still awful but whatevs.

In all – I really have no idea what these guys are doing for this project.  Im not sure why their feelings about a car ride matter in art – no one seems to have a deeper message in their work, no one seems to be relaying some real message through their work, no one seems that committed to their work – it’s just being made for the sake of the contest and again I worry that it gives the impression that artists normally work this way.  Audience – I swear – most artists don’t and most artists actually think more than 15minutes about their work before showing it in a gallery.  Im also not sure what they are all working on either, other than Matt who is doing something Mondrian-esque, which Im ok with, and then decides to knock the artist at the same time he is clearly emulating him.  hmm.

Q: are you a modern day Mondrian?

A:Ugh! I hope not! – yeah, because being considered the new version of one of the most famous, important and innovative artists in Modern art would be fucking terrible…sigh

The Final Works:

Mark – his work was almost interesting…not sure what real depth it has, but its nice to look at from a distance. Generic. Bland. ‘painterbation’ – says a judge.

Nicole: her work was essentially a small emulsified sculpture on a long flexible while bridge of sorts – essentially suspending the sculpture above the floor.  It was simple and beautiful but didn’t get much judge attention – as with much of her work.  At this point, I think it’s a positive thing since she has consistently impressed me while the judges consistently make me want to punch them in the collective smug face.

Jamie Lynn – sweet jesus what is this bullshit?  Terrible. Amateur. I wouldn’t put this in my bathroom. Or anywhere. It’s just…worse than anything I saw in art school.  Crappy anime meets Lisa Frank on downers.  ‘no sex. no speed. no status’ – says judge Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn. I agree.

Tit’s McGee – used images she took of men looking at her and made a montage of them – white-ed out their faces and placed a reflective surface in the center of the grid…presumably so she could look at herself – ok it was there to reflect the view and place them in the work.  While I do like her idea of recognizing  female objectification through the male gaze – I think she was only scratching the surface here…I’m happy to see her growth but I’m not sure her execution was there.  Ill give her points for effort – hell, maybe she’s growing in this crazy competition – but I doubt it.

Ryan: oh boy. self portrait of him driving. flat. I donnevenknow. It was just…boring boring boring.

Miles: I don’t know what this kid did.  There was a box. And another box. And another box. Something that looked like string? A photograph? I don’t know.  This kid basically keeps throwing this crap together, giving an art-speak friendly explanation while continually looking tired and sad and it seems to be working.

Who won?

Tits McGee

Who Lost?

Jamie Lynn – her work of art didn’t work for them.  Me neither. Good job judges.  This elimination is Junkyard Arts approved.

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