Tron: Legacy – Promo Products Are Getting Out Of Hand

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Tron Legacy Promo Poster

There are a lot of things that can be said for 2009-2010’s penchant for remaking movies that absolutely do not need to be remade, and for making sequels to our favorite movies, in turn ruining them forever by association.

But more than that, it seems like promotional products for movies are no longer just for kids.  Sure, Sex and the City gave us ladiez lots of eye candy, but we didn’t get commemorative Carrie Bradshaw dildos.  Enter Tron: Legacy – in which a movie comes out and so do the bizarre, unnecessary (and dare I say, kinda cool?!) products to get you in the Disney mood.

First, let’s start with the fact that this movie is selling adults products to coincide with the movie’s release.  Not just kids toys – but adults.  Of course, this is to tap into the generation of us who grew up with Tron, and who got the Tron episode of South Park and were reminded how that original movie shaped our electronic world.  As my boyfriend recently told me “Lauren – if there was no Tron, there would be no Pixar – so you can thank it for giving you those awful movies you love so much”.

Thanks Tron!  I sure do love me some Pixar…but I don’t go out and buy, say…

Tron board shortscommemorative board shorts.  I don’t think Disney put out any “Wall-E” manties either, but I could be wrong.  Or…

tron cordless keyboardA Tron, $129,  cordless keyboard.  Although this product seems so much more appropriate than undergarments, no?  Considering the techy vibe of the movie…or you know, the entire premise.

And Im not gonna lie…

Tron iPod PlayerThis iPod player is kinda bad ass.  I like teal and shiny things. So sue me!

But what about the bizarre push to get the ladiez to see the movie?

Tron Necklace by RotenierThis necklace by Rotenier is fabulous.  Its $2,600 price tag is not.  But then again, what better way to tell your favorite lady she is the best by gifting this supremely beautiful, geometric art-piece and taking her to see the premier in IMAX?  It’s every young woman’s dream!  I’m being glib, but that is not to say I don’t actually want this necklace.

And it’s not to say I wouldn’t do just about anything for it, including wait in line to get decent seats to see this in IMAX.

Tron Jerome C. Rousseau ShoeAnd we all know what I’m going to say about this shoe by Jerome C. Rousseau (and it’s ridiculous price tag of $795)

Tron Purse by Hayden-Harnett But a purse?  Do any of the characters even carry anything other than day-glo frisbees?

Funnily enough, Disney doesn’t seem to realize that shilling us lady-friendly products in honor of a movie premiere is silly for a few reasons.  1. It’s just too ‘obvious’ and women don’t want to buy luxury goods that relate to a Disney movie (unless you are the type to walk around with a fake LV or Coach bag. In that case you already have no taste, and you may proceed with your disastrous choices).

But 2. It’s a movie staring Jeff Bridges.

And Garrett Hedlund, who looks like he could be Bridges’ offspring.

At what time did us ladiez not flock to see that hunky piece of man beef Bridges?  Disney, you had us at hello.

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