This Is Not Art

junkyardarts March 19, 2011 1

bad art can damage your brainWelome to the start of a new series I like to call This Is Not Art. As a normal person who likes looking at things, I see an awful lot of awful.  And as an art critic, I get a lot of people asking me “well, what is bad art?”.  And sometimes we are faced with the “what if….I like the bad art?” issue.

Well, my children, the answer is my first installment. This Is Not Art:

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  1. Mark March 21, 2011 at 6:03 pm -

    You’re crazy, this is the greatest sound of the last 100 years. Possibly even since the discovery of Hoogie Boogie land by the British colonial explorer Sir Francis Scott Hoogie and his Bavarian cohort Kaiser Oktar Boogie in the year 1862.