This Is Not Art: Saying No & Keeping Diarrhea in a Bottle

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This Is Not Art: Saying No & Keeping Diarrhea in a Bottle

This is not art:

Here we go again. This is another act of masturbatory bore that we have come to expect for many performance artists of late. When no substance exists, why not try to shock me shock me shock me with some deviant behavior? It works for whole hoards of other famous artists. But I honestly can’t even get that upset about this piece.

Here’s what the pros say of the piece (emphasis mine):

Like many of his earlier works that deal with corporate logos, Liquidated YES remarks upon the role of omnipresent symbols – in this case, symbols that are inevitably part of the everyday lives of millions of individuals worldwide…

Liquidated YES is the perfect embodiment of today’s globalized economy…The symbols melt away at a time when the world and the United States struggle with and endlessly hope to rebound from economic difficulties, and yet they still urge us on with that powerful word “YES” – continue to buy, sell, and in short, support the consumer culture that Zevs’ work in many ways rebels against.

Zevs’ Miami performance also represents the artist’s return to a street art mindset…Thus, Liquidation of the YES Symbols represents a continuation both of the methods and iconography that have been representative of Zevs’ career both on the streets and on canvas.”

So…it’s about railing against a consumerist culture. At one of the biggest art fairs in the world at which thousands of collectors, buyers, gallery owners and their ilk go to buy and sell works for a profit. In which sponsors blast their logos across anything and everything to get the great exposure an event like this offers. An event that courts an alternative crowd that is not only creatively inclined, but financially secure and willing to spend it on art. Something many people see as a frivolous purchase (I do not, but certainly the argument can be made that between food, utilities and art, perhaps the former two are more crucial).

Making money from you art is awesome – it’s amazing when you can make a living do the thing you love to do! Art Miami is an fantastic event where thousands of great artists get viewed by the ‘right’ people can be the catapult for their careers. And it’s all because of our consumerist culture that it is possible, so let’s not play this game.

Finally, I’m real tired of artists ‘railing against the man’, particularly when they are not of an oppressed group. And railing against making money is the most egregiousness bullshit there is in the art world. You fucking asshole. You are trying to sell a performance in which you say the word ‘no’ a hundred times and spray diarrhea from a Dawn bottle on to a wall.

And if your oeuvre is exemplified by this work here? Then you’ve got a whole lot of shit on your hands.

Finally, as I said to my friend Lindsay who first brought this video to my attention, the best part isn’t even the fecal-spray, or this guy’s awful acting and inability to keep a straight face and not break character. It’s the dude in the suit trying to extoll the virtues of this garbage to the nice woman in pink that really does it for me.

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