The Googleheim Institute Presents: Kazimir Malevich

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The Googleheim Institute Presents: Kazimir Malevich

Self-Portrait_(1908_or_1910-1911) kazimir malevichWelcome to our new series, The Googleheim Institute! In which our friend the Red Beard Rambler takes a crack at professional art critiquing – based solely on 20-minute Google Image Searches and without any background on the artist before hand.  This should be interesting.

His first victim: Kazimir Malevich.

So here’s a review of Led Zeppelin John Malkevich – a/k/a Kasmir (Kazmir, Kazimir, make up your god damned mind) Malevich.

He draws pictures of Dracula and sometimes Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper covers.

Based on some serious research it turns out Dracula is actually him – my bad.

This guy likes plus signs and squares a lot – I’m OK with that for the time being. It seems that he’s not colorblind or out to discriminate against any certain colors – most of the work is bright and inviting. I would also guess that reducing forms (human or otherwise) into geometry is his M.O., and I’m seemingly OK with that as well. I kind of like this guy.

This stood out to me:

kazimir malevich portrait by jacques deshaies

It appears to be a mash-up of two totally different tracks of work he’s doing…on the one hand,

a) realistic depictions of himself (usually) in the human form – no shapes, no blank canvas space, no deconstruction; AND

b) shapes, angles, and distortions of perspective

This caught my eye since the two “buckets” of work he’s got (via Google images) seem to play in their own spaces, never mingling to create some type of “superwork”. Here though, both sides of the coin converge. I like it.

So this guy Kamsar or whatever his name is seems aight. I like that he has worked in both realistic (close to our actual perception) and deconstructed perspectives. I don’t really enjoy a canvas with one or two squares on it because I don’t like art – but I think this fine young (or probably dead) gentleman has a diverse collection of work that people on both sides of that fence could take a gander at.

At least that’s what Google Images told me.

– Art Soulja Boy Tell Em

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