Something Strange this way Comes…

junkyardarts April 17, 2010 Comments Off on Something Strange this way Comes…

The Junkyard’s got some pretty awesome friends – from artists to musicians to designers to normal people who are so cool we can’t believe they even hang out with us.

We would like to welcome one of those awesome friends to the Junkyard family as an official contributor.  Everyone meet the infamous Jordi Scott.

Jordi and I have been besties since 7th grade…and even in 6th grade I wanted to be her friend because she was the only girl I knew who wore black eyeliner like a pro and was as tall as me.  Since then we have been on one crazy ride together – from Fashion Week to Savannah, GA to insane boyfriends and too much that can’t be repeated – Ill just say that our bucket-list includes getting into Japanese fashion magazines and that’s been checked off.

Jordi is of course the designer and founder of Jordi Scott – the infamous fashion house in NYC that knows how to throw a party and dress the girls going to it.  She frequents fashion and art shows around NYC and gets into parties I wouldn’t even know existed until she invited me.  Most importantly though, she has long been a behind-the-scenes voice of reason to me and has always encouraged me to go above and beyond with The Junkyard.

Because we value her very frank opinions on everything from fashion to music and of course art, we have asked her to become a contributor to Junkyard Arts.  Expect the unexpected – a full intro from Jordi and what her articles are going to be all about are coming this week.
Keep an eye out and contain your eager anticipation – it’s going to be one helluva ride.

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