Sketchy Duel – Simple Hilarity, Cartoon Heaven

junkyardarts August 26, 2010 Comments Off on Sketchy Duel – Simple Hilarity, Cartoon Heaven

Cartoons never fail to entertain me.  Whether they do old school Nicktoons or Pixar brilliance, the kid in me will always love the animated character.  What is even better, is the appeal for animation to adults continues to grow – which means more opportunities for me to claim “um, its an adult cartoon…gaaawwwdd” when I get called out on  it.

South Park, thank the heavens, made it ok for adults to sit on their couches, eat chips and watch ‘toons all day.  Other times I hit up a Disney movie.  Don’t judge me – the songs are so catchy! and the animation is so lovely!  Some claim there is a hierarchy – to enjoy the Digital Shorts collection from Pixar, it’s almost like high brow ‘toonage and you might start to feel superior to other toon-ers who hit up Adult Swim during a late night fridge-binge…but don’t.  Let’s just live in cartoon heaven together!  Equal opportunity debauchery, eh?

Here!  Something to start us off on our journey!

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