Nigella Lawson One-Ups Anthony Bourdain – Eats Fetus & Loves It

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Nigella Lawson One-Ups Anthony Bourdain – Eats Fetus & Loves It

Nigella Lawson in the TV food series Nigella FeastsIn a game of who-ate-the-grossest-thing-ever, a normal circle of friends would be disturbing enough.

But Rocky Mountain Oysters have got nothing on the food-abortion Nigella put in her mouth.


Actually literally.  Not facetiously literally.

So Nigella is all “hey boys, let’s chill tonight and talk about food!”.  And the guys, who included sex pot Anthony Bourdain, are all “let’s talk about the craziest shit we’ve ever eaten!” and Nigella is all “I made a pig have an abortion then I ate it”.

Or as Bourdain said:

“…I ended up at dinner with her and a handful of other people. We were talking shock food, trying to gross each other out and Nigella was really digging it.

‘So I’m liking her already – then she tells us about when she was in south-west France where they aborted a pig for her and she ate this crispy foetus. And I thought: “Whoa, this is hardcore!” It made me a fan.’

Now, PETA, ye of human objectification to end animal objectification, is all pissed cuz she had the pig get an abortion and made it look at the sonogram before hand and made it think a few days about whether or not the pig really thought this was a good idea and then gave the pig a transpigvaginal ultrasound just to be sure the pig wanted the abor….wait. No. That’s not right.  That didn’t happen.  Cuz it’s not an American woman, it’s a pig…that we were going to eat anyway…And how do they know the pig didn’t want the abortion?  Maybe it just wasn’t in the right place in it’s pig life.  Nigella ate it’s baby and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to it.  The relief!  Imagine!

Ok. SO! Pig. Abortion. Fetus-Snack. Decadence!

Lawson’s people are all “she didn’t really do it!” and PETA is all “show us your tits and we will forgive you!” and Bourdain is all “I fucking hate you. All of you” <- he may or may not have actually said that.

Either way, eating pig fetus is pretty intense.  Crispy, aborted, pig.  So tender, I imagine.  I mean, I dissected a fetal pig…that seems like much more of a waste than getting to eat one on a spit smothered in dripping fetal juice and bbq sauce, eh?  And here I thought Nigella couldn’t get any more sexy!

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