Media Inanity: 2 Projects That Make Me Weep For Culture

junkyardarts May 28, 2012 Comments Off on Media Inanity: 2 Projects That Make Me Weep For Culture

friend me show about groupon cbs

Heralding in the end of the creative process are two projects that make me want to fucking kill someone: A riveting character-driven comedy about Groupon, and a book made of Twitter twits.

So long brain power! So long long-form!  So long imagination!

Here is the first boner-killer. Friend Me. A show from shit-spooning network CBS, ye of comedy classics Two and a Half Men and a decade of Walker Texas Ranger, in which 2 no-doubt hilarious characters work at Groupon.  And considering all the whacky stories flowing out of their offices all the time, this show is just going to be a veritable knee slapper!


It’s also called Friend Me.  Which implies the visionary execs that green-lighted this crap aren’t quite sure the difference between Facebook and a coupon site that is barely staying afloat.  But hey!  We are a socially networked world!  That Facebook movie did well so let’s just pump out some swill that we think has to do with things we find on the internet and it will be a huge success!

Which brings me to: The Twitter Diaries.  A book containing tweets.  Like this enthralling dialog:

screen shot of the twitter diaries

Jesus Christ, tell me more!

It’s one thing to have funny quips on a Tumblr or something, but a fucking book?  Are we meant to actually read this?  Are we even meant to think about this critically?  Of course not.  Because it’s quips in 140 characters or less.  There is certainly something to be said for brevity, but why bother putting shallow ‘dialog’ between two tweeters into a book anyway?  Is there an overarching comment on our culture’s inability to focus longer than 1.5 sentences?  I’m also willing to bet that many of these novellas are from celebs, which is sure to be fascinating to us normals.  We can learn so much from them, you guys!

So there you have it.  We are being sold books that read like a ‘baby’s first’ story to adults, and shows based on a company that is tepid at best and that I only use when they have an American Apparel deal.

So there it is.  I really can’t say much more on the subject.  Or rather, I’m choosing not to think about it anymore.

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