Life Finds A Way: Jurassic Park 4 Is A Go

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Life Finds A Way: Jurassic Park 4 Is A Go

After news that Jurassic Park 4 was going to be indefinitely postponed back in May, it only took a few weeks for the powers-that-be to change their minds and get it back on the docket.  Could it have anything to do with the immense success of the Jurassic Park 3D, which raked in over $45mm domestically in its short run a month earlier?  Who knows!

JP4 is now slated for sometime in 2015, with Colin Trevorrow at the helm.  Colin previously directed Safety Not Guaranteed…and not much else.  Here’s hoping he’s as versed in the JP world as I am, because he will hear from me is this movie blows as hard as JP2 and the unspeakably bad that-which-will-not-be-named other sequel movie.  If there’s one thing a director doesn’t want, it’s a stern talking-to from me.

Among other concerns, it sounds like none of the JP4 dinosaurs will have feathers.  As in, scaly dinos that we saw in the first film that we now know definitely should have had feathers, will still not have feathers.  But then again I’m guessing their ‘velociraptors’ are still going to be called velociraptors, despite clearly being physically based on deinonychus, but you know, who’s gonna notice that anyway?

Certainly not me.

And what’s the big deal with feathers anyway? Who thinks dinosaurs are less cool because they had awesomely terrifying feathers to get covered in blood and guts from their prey? Who thinks hawks and eagles are lame?  No one.  Because those birds are fucking terrifying and will eat you whole.  Just. Like. A Dinosaur.

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Hopefully the rest of the news that comes from JP4 isn’t as glaringly crappy as feather-gate.

I’ll be watching, you can bet your butts.

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