LAST MINUTE PLANS: Harvard Bookstore’s Warehouse Weekends

brian October 5, 2013 Comments Off on LAST MINUTE PLANS: Harvard Bookstore’s Warehouse Weekends
LAST MINUTE PLANS: Harvard Bookstore’s Warehouse Weekends

What’s one of the best things to do on a fall weekend afternoon in New England? Obviously grabbing a cup of coffee and browsing the aisles of your favorite local bookstore on the hunt for great deals. What’s better than that? Getting the keys to the bookstore’s warehouse!

The world-renowned Harvard Bookstore has spent the last few weekends opening the doors of their Somerville warehouse to bibliophiles and independent business advocates AND IT’S BEEN AWESOME!

Imagine a large room filled with books stacked to the roof – most of them newer titles or rare fines – with hardly anything priced over $7. There’s almost nothing better feeling than walking out of a store with five new books for less than $20. (Maybe the deep pleasure of delicately running your hands over the pages of a two hundred year old book? Maybe?)

The HBS staff has gone out of the way to make their “Warehouse Weekends” more than just a sale. They’ve partnered with other local businesses – eateries like Sabertooth Bakery (get the Root Beer donut) and groups like The American Association of Variable Star Observers – to create themes for every weekend that draws attention to some of the cool books you might find in the warehouse.

Well, today is the last day to get to Harvard Bookstore’s warehouse for sweet deals and the chance to interact with other local businesses. And the HBS staff has pulled out all the stops. This weekend’s theme is “Comic Books, Craft & D.I.Y. Culture”. There will be more than a dozen area experts and vendors on hand for the event, including bookmaker Athena Mae and representatives from Boston Book Festival (stay tuned for more news on this event). And let’s not forget Papercut Zine Library, Boston’s home to Zine & D.I.Y bookmakers.

Two highlights from this weekend not to miss will be the appearances of husband/wife combo Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline, the Eisner Award winning team behind Adventure Time Comics. There will be scores of other literary elite on hand as well, so you should probably make a point to get over to the Harvard Bookstore’s Warehouse Weekends if you can.

Actually, not “probably” get over there. Definitely get there. Now.

Harvard Bookstore’s Warehouse is located at 14 Park St. in Somerville, between Somerville Ave. and Beacon St., just outside of Union Square. It will be open Oct. 5th & 6th from 10 am – 6pm.

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