Junkyard Gift Guide: Party Animals

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Junkyard Gift Guide: Party Animals

I love a good rack.  A nice rack adds character, and you don’t have to go ‘real’ either.  Fake racks, well they can look just as good as the real ones if done right. I love a good rack so much, I’ve got more than one!

One rack is in my bedroom, another tiny one above our liquor buffet, and a huge one right over the fireplace. Nice, big, glorious, regal.  I’m adding to my collection too, because I have rediscovered a place so full of wonderful, whimsical racks, I can’t pick just one.  It’s White Faux Taxidermy (WFT) and they have a rack for every taste, and just about everything else in between.

The Deer Skull | $79.99

white faux taxidermy

Go traditional with the deer skull and jazz up any decor!  At 19.5″ wide, it’s a show stopper.

Mini Alfred Deer w/ Gold | $47.99


Straight skull a little too pedestrian? Why not add some sparkle motion? Measures 11″ wide

Moose Antler Skull Cap | $59.99


Everyone wants to class up their mantles with a moose rack, and this is the perfectly humane way of doing it!
Measures 17.25″ wide

The Toker Golden Elephant Head | $94.99

white faux taxidermy

Know someone wild?  They probably should get this ridiculous golden elephant head.  Because: obviously.
Measures 16.25″ wide

The Magical Unicorn | $99.99


Golden elephant too classy for your friends? Then I suggest this ridiculous, kind of enormous unicorn.  Sparkle horn optional.  Measures 16.25″ tall.

And finally, the best thing you’ve seen all Holiday season…

Jackelope | $54.99


Of course, it comes in just about every color combo imaginable.  Pick your pleasure, and you’re welcome.
Measures 13.5″ tall

BONUS: Use 5%off at checkout at White Faux Taxidermy for (you guessed it) 5% off your order!

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