Junkyard Gift Guide: Homes For Your Phones

junkyardarts December 18, 2013 Comments Off on Junkyard Gift Guide: Homes For Your Phones
Junkyard Gift Guide: Homes For Your Phones

Everyone’s got a phone and they use them for much more than just making calls.  Because everyone you know has got one and needs to put it somewhere, why not get them a great place to do it?  Here are some of my favorite homes for phones:

BloomBox Phone Charger – $40 – Android & iPhone


Functional as a plant holder as well as a charger, this lovely little number would make a great gift for any one with any decor. This design comes in black or white, and it’s sleek design also amplifies your phone’s speakers so speaker phone just got a lot prettier as well. Pro Tip: Use air plants in the doc to avoid having to clean up any messes.

BloomBox |

The BeeBe Company Phone Bike Mounts – $59

thurman leather bike

Super handy and good looking to boot, these leather bike mounts are a quick and easy way to keep your phone safe when you’re riding along.  Unfamiliar roads are no problem when your maps app is easily accessible, and no more diddling with your arm band to try to change to the next song on your playlist.  Available in 4 colors and made in the USA.

The BeeBe Company |

Antiqued Jewelry Drawer Phone Charger – $79

drawer phone charger

Adorable and functional! Keep it on your nightstand for added drawer space to toss your trinkets and still be able to reach your alarm clock when you roll over.  Bonus: love the color and distressing.  Works with iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C

Uncommon&Nice |

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