Jim Carey Loves Emma Stone, Joins the Rest of Us

junkyardarts August 26, 2011 Comments Off on Jim Carey Loves Emma Stone, Joins the Rest of Us

jim careyIn a hilarious moment of internet “what? was that for real?”, Jim Carey issued an official love letter to actor Emma Stone on his website, by way of handheld video.

(And you can see here!).

Many people seem to be torn about it.  Some think it’s super creepy for an older, near 50yr old Carey to be pining for 20-something Stone but as my latest obsession shows, age ain’t nothin’ but a bad math equation, baby.

Not to mention he’s a comedian.  And a great one at that.  I find that as I grow up, more and more of my peers seem to think the age of Carey is over.  We got Ace Ventura and In Living Color, and some funny moments sprinkled throughout our teen and adult years, but I’m finding people have been less than kind to carry their Carey love.  And that’s fucking guano, man.

Sure, a movie with animated penguins probably blows, but parents need something to prop their kids up with while they try to take a nap in the afternoon.  But have you seen I Love You, Philip Morris? Probably not because every goddamn person I ask has said no.

I find this movie as the return of the Jim Carey I always loved (and sorta crushed on for, oh, ever). It is belly-achingly funny and at times, take your breath away terrible…and then you laugh because we are all terrible people. See also: Eternal Sunshine, Fun with Dick and Jane, and Lemony Snicket. He always proves more versatile, enigmatic and chameleonic (not sure that’s really a word) in each role and endeer me to him further.

So when it comes to how Emma Stone should/will take this proclamation of love from the legend Jim Carey, I’m pretty sure she is going to find it pretty fucking hilarious, a little creepy, a-lot-a-bit sweet, and really bizarre. Which is everything I love about Jim Carey rolled into a pleasant vimeo video. If he’s on a roll with these videos, maybe he can make one for me and I can die happy – I think I’m pretty swell! Maybe you should too Jim!

Jim? You there?


Ok then. >olive juice< Jim Carey /

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