Is This Mascot Obscene?

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Is This Mascot Obscene?

So. Is this mascot obscene?

ama diver madcot

A nubile young woman.  Hanging out near her bucket in a brisk breeze.  Tucking her raven hair behind her ear…while she lets her crotch breathe.

What if I said she was the new mascot for a group of divers known as ama, who are primarily woman, who dive without oxygen tanks, whose average age is 60?

The ama diver community has noted their displeasure for the new mascot claiming it is obscene, boarders on child pornography and belittles the dangerous work that ama’s do. “Ama in our city are all risking their lives to dive. In the past, some have died. It’s that serious, being an ama,” said Isako Utsubo, 39, whose mother is an ama. “It’s for the honor of those who died that I’m fighting”.

For their part, the designers, a company named Mouthbeach, of the mascot named Aoshima Megu, explained why she looks the way she does:

“She has a vivacious personality but is a bit clumsy…adding she is currently looking for a boyfriend”.  And “But the thing is, we’re not trying to make her look real in the first place. She is an anime character, after all.”

Got it.

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