Inspiration Nation: Vince Low

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Inspiration Nation: Vince Low

Anyone who knows me recognizes I have a touch of the OCD. It comes out mostly in my compulsive need to touch fabrics…particularly if they look all foldy and bent. This compulsion also translates into an odd fascination: I like to watch pencils, pens, and charcoal move on paper. Partially because I imagine being able to then touch the lines. And I recognize this all sounds super crazy. I’m not a crazy person! I just find it beautiful!  For example…

That’s what we call ‘Lauren Porn’. Now that you’ve got the idea, here’s Vince Low, an artist whose work is not only fantastic in it’s representation of the subject, but his approach gives me butterflies. Because I’m a weirdo…and because his work is really, really, good.

vince low illustration mr bean, rowan atkinson

vince low illustration will smith

vince low illustration jack nicholson

vince low illustration morgan freeman

vince low illustration eddie murphy

vince low illustration leonardo dicaprio

vince low illustration kimbo slice

vince low illustration johnny depp

vince low illustration

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