Gaga’s New Video Makes Leather, Ass and New York Streets Sad, Boring

junkyardarts June 18, 2011 Comments Off on Gaga’s New Video Makes Leather, Ass and New York Streets Sad, Boring

lady-gaga-edge-of-glory-americal-idol-2011Gaga.  You are getting boring.  It’s not the music per se, because I think Born This Way has some really great 80’s synth-dance tracks that recall Berlin, Madonna, even Blondie, but I digress.  It’s…well, it’s you Gags.  And everything I’m bumming about is summed up in your video for Edge of Glory.  Let’s take a peak, shall we?

First of all, Gaga, why is this video 5+ minutes of you just walking around doing your best RENT audition in vintage Versace?  Why?  Why did this happen?  Why did you have an entire video of build-up shots that led to nothing?  You left me with video blue-balls and I can’t shake it, man.  I just can’t.  After giving me Bad Romance, Paparazzi!  We get a great song, with a great live performance on Idol, and a great Chrome commercial leading up to…you dancing in underwear on some scaffolding with bad studio lighting and dead eyes.

This makes me sad.

And it makes you officially boring.  Your schtick is no longer about anything – it isn’t even about your pretending to be some fame monster, you making statements about the oppressed or you being the person you were ‘born to be’.  This is just you basking in your own glory and there is no longer a connection between us. AND I am downright offended by your lazy Billie Jean reference. For shame, Gaga.  I get that you probably meant for the video to be a love letter to nights in New York after meeting that guy in a club and making out in the corner for 3 hours…but it reads as narcissistic, uninventive and painfully repetitive. This isn’t a throwback to the 80’s music video of the ingenue strolling through alleys with steam rising from the grates – it’s a bad knockoff.  Also, there is nothing sexy about rolling around on pavement in your underwear if all we have ever seen you do is roll around other surfaces in your underwear…go on stage in your underwear…hit up the MoMA in your underwear.

What makes this piece of shit video even worse is that it distracts people from your real strong point (not your rocking ass, because you’ve got one for sure) but your voice!  Grrl, you can actually sing!  But we are all kinda tiring of your indulgent bullshit and it just distracts from the fact that you have a pop voice for the ages.  Do us a favor, would you?  Next time you do a video, just…try a little harder.  Harder to do anything that is better than this.  It’s getting harder and harder to defend you.  Until I believe you are in on your own joke, you are on notice.




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