Disney Girls Get The Sailor Treatment

junkyardarts August 15, 2011 Comments Off on Disney Girls Get The Sailor Treatment

Ariel tim shumate

The Disney princesses are already mutilated womanly figures with heaving bosoms, teensy waists, gigantic pug-like eyes and great hair.

Really great hair.

Thanks to artist Tim Shumate, we get a different take on the princess,  it’s Vargas-meets-Sailor Jerry with Disney holding the reigns. While the bosoms are there (and the great hair), the graphic treatment and hyper colors give me hope that these ladies are happy to let you look, but they will cut a bitch if you touch.

That’s what I take away from this.

That and great hair.

Jasmine tim shumate

Snow White tim shumate

Ariel tim shumate

and let’s get some Minnie in on this action (why do I find myself relating to her the most?)


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