Boobs In Art: Surreal Sandbags

junkyardarts March 17, 2012 Comments Off on Boobs In Art: Surreal Sandbags
Boobs In Art: Surreal Sandbags

Can you identify these Boobs In Art?

Boobs In Art is a super classy new Junkyard Original Series, where we source famous works of art that feature fantastic racks.  Objectification was never so cultured!

Three Nudes Salvador Dalí naked women breast nipple boobs butt nude model illustration

These Boobs In Art belong to Three Nudes by none other than Salvador Dalí!  If you didn’t recognize it as his handiwork from the start, I imagine the revelation was a ‘doh’ moment.  The characteristic gestural line-work, the movement, the exaggerated muscles, lumps and joints.  It’s surreal, and it’s as bizarre as it is beautiful.

Metropolitan Museum of Art /

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