Boobs In Art: Heavenly Hams

junkyardarts July 13, 2012 Comments Off on Boobs In Art: Heavenly Hams
Boobs In Art: Heavenly Hams

Welcome back to Boobs In Art! Our super classy  Junkyard Original Series, where we source famous works of art that feature fantastic racks.

Objectification was never so cultured!

Can you identify these Boobs in Art?

The Birth of Venus Alexandre Cabanel

These heavenly hams belong to Venus, who else?! Painted by Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus exemplifies the classic theme of mythological woman: bare, reclining and open for business, but in a totally classy way, obviously.  She is a milky white calm amidst the storm of waves and creepy babies; her partially obscured face says ‘leave me be, but don’t be gone long‘ and is ripe for the male gaze.  If I may note, I love the balance of the piece with the last little angel delivering a conch shell (a metaphor for the woman as vessel, perhaps? Perfect, organic form? The siren’s trumpet?) to the heavens adding some additional visual weight to a left-heavy painting.

Musee d’Orsay / Metropolitan Museum of Art /


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