Boobs In Art: Fauvist Funbags

junkyardarts April 9, 2012 Comments Off on Boobs In Art: Fauvist Funbags
Boobs In Art: Fauvist Funbags

Can you identify these Boobs In Art?

Boobs In Art is a super classy new Junkyard Original Series, where we source famous works of art that feature fantastic racks.  Objectification was never so cultured!

These Boobs In Art are:

Seated Nude Holding a Flower Joan Miró nude woman breast boob sitting naked nipple bird painting

This fauvist fantasy belongs to Seated Nude Holding a Flower by one of my favorites, Joan Miró!  I am normally more drawn to his abstract, surreal works, but this fauvist-style piece is just a beauty.  The exaggerated colors, harsh cubist-ish lines and expressive brush strokes make this painting a smorgasbord of style and visually vibrant.

Metropolitan Museum of Art /

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