Boobs in Art: Classic Cans

junkyardarts May 16, 2012 Comments Off on Boobs in Art: Classic Cans
Boobs in Art: Classic Cans

Welcome back to Boobs In Art! Our super classy new Junkyard Original Series, where we source famous works of art that feature fantastic racks.

Objectification was never so cultured!

Can you identify these Boobs in Art?

Marilyn Monroe, Actress, New York City Richard Avedon

C’mon, we can all recognize that rack in a deep, v can’t we?  Marilyn Monroe’s boobs have been featured countless times even after her death – she graces the cover of Vanity Fair this month for the third time with a feature story about how she went nude for the paparazzi to help her fading career.


Seems that everyone is obsessed with them, and the idea of the woman who hosts them, but I think this Richard Avedon photograph of the star is remarkable in that it’s highly unsexy.  You know she’s beautiful, but you look at this photograph and it should make you uniquely uncomfortable.  As photographer Vik Muniz put it, “a picture of Norma Jean, not Marilyn.”

Metropolitan Museum of Art /


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