A Visual Memory – MoMA & My Mom

junkyardarts June 9, 2010 Comments Off on A Visual Memory – MoMA & My Mom

NYC. Mom’s Day. SueFal & LPazz.

We came, we saw (so much!), we conquered.

Behold- a visual memory of the best mother/daughter trip since Joan Crawford spent the evening with her daughter cleaning the closets and bathrooms. ;)

First things first:

Hilton Midtown is just awesome.  Too damn expensive, but awesome none the less.  Also – mom was smart and brought brewdogs and limes to get the party started.  No picture evidence of this, so you will have to take my word for it.  That being said – Im taking my mom with me when we run for our lives during the Zombie Apocalypse since she is a prolific packer.

Times Square! It was my mom’s very first time there, so that was pretty cool.  A lovely Spring day in NYC, crazy people trying to give us fliers and my mom asking things like “why are those people just standing there?” and “why is that person dressed like an idiot?” – welcome to NYC mom!

Lauren: foolishly didn’t remember her sunglasses – about to burst into flames.

Jordi: ready in aviators and all black to take us to the MoMA like a real aaahhhhhtist.


Whuddup Picasso.

don’t know who that girl is…oh well.

Mom: that looks familiar.

Me: it should*

*cue long-winded explanation of abstraction/Picasso/cubism and its roots and breaking apart of the painting and the meaning.  Im sure it was riviting…really…moving on!


Cubism makes me happy.

Mom: This is familiar…why?

Lauren: Monster’s Inc. credits.

Oh pop culture, how I adore ye. Infiltrating the fabric of our daily lives and all.


Cubism. Again.

I have a feeling my mom was here only to entertain my ‘want to learn about this?!’ moment in the Modernism sections.  Probably reminded her of when I wanted to be a Lawyer and set up an office in my bedroom complete with files and a sign on the door.  Poor thing.  Probably thought Id actually turn out to be a lawyer and make tons of cash-a-la. Instead she gets me whimpering in front on Matisse and Miro extolling their glory and begrudgingly walking away from the Rothko gallery because mom got bored.

Mom: so this is who again?

Lauren: Rothko.

Jordi: you and my mom love this shit.

Lauren: You see mom, his work is…

Mom: it looks like a dashboard…>tilts head<…you know, there is the windsheild. the dash board. a/c.

>Lauren and Jordi turn heads<: it kinda does actually…


Van Gogh. Obvs.

Mom: Look! Starry Night!

Lauren: Here it is. In real life. Amazing.

Mom: Thought it would be bigger…

Lauren/Jordi: Me too.

Moving on!


Lauren: Mom – look! It’s a Picasso prior to Les Demoiselles and his cubist phase – you see, so many people think that Modernists just splattered paint on a canvas and they really took YEARS to hone their craft and make those masterpieces as you see here by this one by Picasso! Isn’t it amazing?! YOU CAN SEE THE BEGINNINGS OF HIS LOVE AFFAIR WITH ABSTRACTION ALREADY!

Mom: ……..cool!


Disappointment of the Day:

My beloved Wyeth…in between an info booth and the bathroom – in front of the escalator.  Ugh.  Christina’s World never looked so bleak.

Mom: I LOVE this one! Where have I seen it before?

Lauren: Blue Man Group – they suck Christina out of the image with a vacuum.


Ironic Moment of the Day:

Sexxxy Face in front of the Warhol.  How meta.

Myspace profile pic here I come!


Comforting Moment for Mom of the Day:

Jordi and I pose pensively in front of string. tacked to the wall in the hopes of showing how ridiculous it is – safely showing my mom we have standards in our modern art.

String tacked to the wall. Seriously? Seriously?!


Proof my mom is willing to do anything with me:

Getting a collective Sexxxy Face pic in front of the MoMA.

Jordi missed the memo to look ridiculous – therefore SHE is the one that looks silly in this…right?


In the end the MoMA rules. My mom does too. And learning (and teaching!) about art is fun when you are with the right people.

Moral of the story? Share what you know with the people you love – you will get a lot more out of it than you like…like blackmail pictures you can post online with moms doing sexxxy face and such.  ;)

I kid.  sort of.

Love you mom.


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