Inspiration Nation: Stella Maria Baer

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Inspiration Nation: Stella Maria Baer

Here at the Junkyard we talk a lot about how science and art intersect.  Whether it’s artists using emerging science as a means of inspiration, or recognizing the complimentary nature of scientific experimentation and art creation, the two are intertwined harmoniously (in our minds, at least).  This month’s Inspiration Nation features an artist who creates stunning paintings that bring the wonders of the universe down to earth.

stella maria baer

Stella Maria Baer’s dreamy paintings are obsession-worthy.  Period. Her painterly approach to moonscapes creates etherial textures that mimic atmospheric distortion, making them brilliant works of art that harness the wonder of places untouched by man.  The palate often consists of what I would ironically consider muted ‘earthy’ tones, though perhaps a more appropriate name would be ‘natural’. If her paintings show us anything at all it’s that while each moon is unique, there is a undeniable familiarity throughout each work that brings the universe a little closer to home with every look.

stella maria baer











Oh, and her Instagram feed is on point…

stella maria baer

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