In Depth With the Artist: Holiday Wonk, Remedied!

junkyardarts December 4, 2010 Comments Off on In Depth With the Artist: Holiday Wonk, Remedied!

Ty Mattson Dexter Print

In Depth Update!!

Hey y’all!  So looks like our IDWTA series got a bit wonky over the holiday – I’m gonna blame it on Santa, my family, and year-end goals at all our other jobs.

But I know how it sucks to anticipate something as awesome as our interview with Ty Mattson, only to have a whole freakin’ month pass without it!  So here’s the deal:

Ty is moving to February – enough time for him to really get into our questions and give you budding graphic designers and professionals his best advice, pro tips and pointers.

And to make it up to you, for all your patience, your January artist is not only a musician who is about to explode, but his Shop is off the chain.

yeah, I said that.  But it’s because it is true!  Check out our shop preview right now and see what he’s got to offer!!

much love and appreciation,


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