Trailer Park: The Art of Enticement – Halloween Edition

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Julie Andrews as Mary PoppinsYou know the old adage.  You’ve said it before. Hell, I said it last week.  Sometimes, the trailer is better than the movie.

And even better, is when the amazing folks behind the trailers come out of the shadows.  I imagine, as with any job, even editors get bored splicing together movies they don’t care about.  Even terrible movies that take all the might of the editor to make it look as if it is actually watchable.  And then, there are the ones who, in their spare time, choose to have a little fun.  To dick around with the source material just to see what they can come up with.

A Very Special Halloween Edition of Celluloid Junkie

I assume that editors have been foolin’ around with movies for ages now.  What better use of studio time but to do something you actually want to do while someone else is paying you for it?  Ah the wonders of dedication, a sense of humor, and spare time!

[The] Shining. We know this gem as the 1980 horror film of a writer husband who, in an attempt to gain inspiration for his writing, moves his family to a haunted hotel in the winter. Creepy children and disaster ensue. Or does it?

Or what about Mary Poppins?  Screw Louise Woodward, this delightful Disney movie about a sing-songy nanny with all the moves turns into…your worst Au Pair nightmare.

Sleepless in Seattle.  Well the title already sounds like a horror movie, so why not make it one?

Or why not just turn our beloved Terminator, a movie about the end of humanity and T1000 takeover,  into something even scarier?  A romantic comedy.

The Ring.  One of my first 5 horror-movie-in-the-theatre movies (I know. Pathetic. I KNOW! Do I get bonus points if I saw the Exorcist re-release in the theatre? Because that shit was scary). In stead of the well-paced horror flick that it was, it is now…a tearjerker drama.

It is the job of the trailer to entice the viewing audience to mark their calendars and head out to spend money on the movies.  When a trailer is good?  It can generate buzz across the interwebs, intercept watercooler conversation through the weeks and end up on everyone’s facebook page to encourage all our ‘friends’ to “check it out!!” and make even more money for the film house.

And when they are bad?  It can be disastrous.  Bad trailers have caused me to miss out on great movies!  In our next edition, check out the top 5 movie trailers that caused me, and I’m sure thousands of others, to miss out on a great movie experience – and lost the film houses millions.

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