Trailer Park: Salem Film Fest Special Edition

junkyardarts March 7, 2013 Comments Off on Trailer Park: Salem Film Fest Special Edition
Trailer Park: Salem Film Fest Special Edition

We are so excited to be a sponsor of Salem Film Fest this year, and the explosive growth (and attention!) it has experienced as of late makes it even sweeter! The Fest is an all documentary event and this year there are a few standouts that we want to highlight.

Naturally, the first two films are the ones Junkyard Arts proudly sponsored, West of Memphis and Portrait of Wally…so…we’ll show you those first! Amongst our other favorites are a movie about a prostitute and her unusual clientele, a game of ‘ride the horse & catch the carcass in the desert’, the most punk rock handicapable bastards alive, and a few very notable others. Check them out, and if you are in the New England area, get yet to this Fest. Not local? Keep en eye on Netflix – they have been a great resource for documentaries after they run through the circuit (in fact, Dreams of a Life is already available to stream!)

West of Memphis

Portrait of Wally

The Ghost Army

The Punk Syndrome

Kind Hearted Woman

Dreams Of A Life


Scarlet Road

The Missing Piece


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