Trailer Park: Only God Forgives (Red Band)

junkyardarts April 10, 2013 Comments Off on Trailer Park: Only God Forgives (Red Band)
Trailer Park: Only God Forgives (Red Band)

Like many people, I was totally shocked and horrified by what happened when I sat through Drive in the theatre.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect Christina Hendricks’ brains to spray across the screen in such a manner that made the entire audience gasp in horror and quickly realize what the fuck kind of movie were about to sit through.

That is to say, I thought it was a modern noir masterpiece.  Granted, a lot of people really love to hate on it.  They think it was boring, I guess?  Not enough dialog? Too much violence? Not enough plot?  Bad music? I don’t really know what their problem is, I actually enjoy movies with a little nuance and don’t need my actors to explain everything away to me, so there.  Your opinion is invalid!

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So it goes without saying that I am so excited and admittedly a little nervous about the next film from director Nicolas Winding Refn.  Only God Forgives looks brutal, beautiful, a little racist, and devilishly stylized.  Here’s hoping Gosling sports as sweet an outfit as he did when he drove cars and bludgeoned people to death for a living.

Oh boy!


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