Trailer Park: Descendents Documentary Makes All Of Our Days

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Trailer Park: Descendents Documentary Makes All Of Our Days

There’s not a whole lot to say. I’m super ampted about this doc and that’s about all there is.


Here’s a cover of one of my favorite Descendents songs, and while the original can’t be beat…for obvious reasons I love this cover:

And here’s the first song I heard from them, way late in the game, on my Punk O’Rama Vol. 2 cd:

And to this day I cannot hear this song without expecting this one to follow it:

So, there’s that.

One thing about punk documentaries that makes me bummed is the idea that it’s time is over. Don’t documentaries happen years after something reached it peak? You can’t have a retrospective without a rise, fall, and redemption, can you?

I’ll get flogged by some I know for saying this, but I feel that punk is a young man’s game. It’s a movement that as kids searching for who we are and how we want to express ourselves, it gives us the perfect outlet to be outside the lines while retaining a culture that understands us. While it’s always there in us when we grow up…it’s not something we engage in necessarily, as we become adults. It’s a culture as much as it is a music style. Maybe even more so. And of course, it continues on long after we move on to other things, expending our horizons, finally opening up to new music, ripped t-shirts,and denim without safety pins holding them together…maybe.

All of us have our favorite bands from our favorite punk eras, and then we rail on the noobs for whatever it is they are listening to these days, I’m sure the generation before me were thinking/doing the same. So while I’m pumped about this documentary, and subsequently reminiscing about my youth…I realize I’m either old, or acting like I’m fucking old, for my questioning about whether punk is dead because, well, THIS:

and documentaries about all these bands I listened to ages ago. Probably a little of both. Definitely a little of both. Whatever*. The bonus about getting older, though, is you stop giving a fuck about what everyone else thinks about your proclivities. That’s what I like to call metapunk. So I’m looking forward to seeing this, and to get a glimpse of how a classic, punk rock sausage gets made, watching a ton of famous people talk about how important the music was, thus making the whole endeavor so much more adult than we would ever admit to. Learn a little, reminisce a little, you know. All that stuff.

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*This is what happens when I write articles when I’m drunk. How punk rawk of me, or something.

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