Show & Tell: Your Top 5 Movie List

junkyardarts January 2, 2013 Comments Off on Show & Tell: Your Top 5 Movie List
Show & Tell: Your Top 5 Movie List

I recently read an article over at XOJane about how to use the ‘top 5 movies’ test to break the ice with a stranger and figure out if you have compatible taste. Not only did the article stress me out as I tried to compile my top 5 list which is almost impossible, but I was also concerned that my top 5 would be so disappointing to everyone. How my low-brow sensibilities would be so horrifying to some, and my love for action movies would be seen as frivolous to others. And yet while I wouldn’t want to be judged on my shitty taste in most things, I’ll sure as hell judge you if you say your favorite movie is any of the 3 new Star Wars flicks. The judgement will be swift and cruel.

So here we go. My Top 5 Movies…as best I can pick right now. And let me state that while these may be my favorite movies, it is not my list of what I believe to be the best movies made. An important distinction.


Jurassic Park



True Romance

Honorable Mentions: Top Gun, First Blood, The 13th Warrior, LoTR Trilogy extended versions, Kingdom of Heaven extended version, Alien, Stargate, Muppets Take Manhattan, Million Dollar Mermaid, Dances with Wolves, The Lion King, Beetlejuice, A League of Their Own and about a million others that I just can’t think of off the top of my head.

So. Go ahead. Tell me yours and then we can judge each other. If you can’t remember what they are, the NYTimes has a list of the top 1,000 movies ever. Start there.

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